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My policy is that I can make all my references' individual contact info available after I have
personally met with you and your pet(s).
(This is for my clients' privacy and security.)

Prince Caspian

Reference #25:
Laurie took care of my cat, Prince, while I was out of town for a few weeks [over Christmas and New Year holidays].
I cannot express how impressed I was with her care and professionalism. She sent me multiple emails and photos detailing her visits with Prince.
I knew that he was getting love and attention, which was so reassuring.
She even checked in with me when my flights was delayed to ensure that Prince was never left alone for too long. 
I would trust my pet with Laurie any day!

Holly D.


Marco & Grace

Reference #24:
To whom it may concern:
Laurie Kristensen has asked me to write a letter of recommendation for her, and I am delighted to do so. Laurie has been walking my dogs, Marco Poodle and Grace, for more than two years. I have found her to be personable, flexible, and very, very kind and patient with my two dogs, both of whom are rescue dogs from puppy mills. Laurie has taken the time to work with Marco and Grace, who are my first rescue dogs, and quite unlike dogs I had raised from puppyhood. Each dog has very particular “quirks,” and Laurie has been willing to spend enough time to get to know those quirks and to help my dogs overcome them.
When I first got Marco, he had to be kenneled in my apartment, and getting him in and out of the kennel was a chore. He was skittish and fearful, and it took a great deal of patience to coax him out of the kennel and to get a leash on him for a walk. Laurie was willing to work with him, and I think her calm, quiet demeanor was a big part of why he is so much less fearful now than he was when I first adopted him. Grace had spent most of her life in a kennel and needed to learn to go up and downstairs, to walk on a leash, and to trust people. A person with less patience than Laurie might have “baled” on these dogs pretty quickly. But Laurie has not done so, and I am very appreciative of her work with my dogs, work that extends far beyond just taking them out for a walk.
I am a college professor, and my schedule changes semester to semester. I have genuinely appreciated Laurie’s flexibility in accommodating to my schedule. I have also frequently asked her, on very short notice, to walk them on days not previously scheduled, and she has always managed to fit them into her schedule. It really makes my day when I know that I can leave with absolute confidence that Laurie will take good care of my dogs while I’m gone. She has developed a routine with them that makes them comfortable. I really can’t say enough good things about Laurie.
If you want to contact me, please feel free to give me a call.
Jan M.



Reference #23:
I am very fortunate to have found Laurie to support me with daily visits for Maggie in January of 2014.
Finding someone trustworthy, kind, responsible and loving, were my requirements.
Laurie has a kind heart that immolates through her visits, notes and phone conversations. Her love for Maggie made me very comfortable as well as Maggie.
Maggie loves Laurie and will give her many kisses and excitement during her visits.
I know if Maggie could talk, she would tell me on the daily, how much she enjoys her time with Laurie.

Sarah W.



Mumford and Pepper

Reference #22:
I can’t say enough good things about Laurie. My cats are not the most friendly but Laurie goes out of her way to make sure they are happy.

Before petsitting for us, Laurie toured our home and was very thorough, making she knew where everything was. She took notes about small things like each pet’s temperament, feeding and watering demands (my cats like to have water bowls in the bathtub).

Every year my family takes a vacation over Christmas break. Laurie even brought my cats a present.

It is a great feeling knowing your pets are being cared for by someone who genuinely enjoys being with them

Angela R.



Reference #21:
I highly recommend Laurie for your pet care. She's been visiting our Cavalier twice a day for eight months.

Laurie is very accommodating with scheduling or last minute requests, including dropping off or picking up from the groomer from time to time. 

She's patient with special diets (to the point of hand-feeding when Polly is being finicky), and she's dependable! 

Our dog loves her. She goes above and beyond… 

She brings special treats, plays games, takes her for walks even in awful weather, and sends a summary email each evening of their adventures.

Sue H.


"The Gang"

Reference #20:
Laurie has taken care of my cats several times, from two days to more than a week. 

She is VERY reliable, and I don't worry about my cats when they are in her care. 

Laurie spends time playing and visiting with them, and I know they really like that! 

I highly recommend Laurie to care for your cats.

Linda K.


Bookie & Romero

Reference #19:
Laurie has been one of the best cat sitters (out of dozens) I’ve ever hired! 

I feel totally secure in leaving my two cats because I know Laurie will really tune in with them and let me know right away if either of them seem to be feeling or acting funny. 

She actually spends time playing with them more than I do! So it’s a special treat they get to have ‘Auntie Laurie’ come over when I’m away. 

Many pet sitters may be good, but that gift she has of that special ability to tune in is very valuable to me.

Laurie has been very conscientious and responsible. I would recommend her above any other pet care provider in the Twin Cities area. Her ability with animals is unsurpassed!
~ Kristin S.



Reference #18:
My husband and I were looking for a dog walker who was flexible, warm and gentle towards our dog and willing to be patient with her "puppiness". Dakota is a 17 month old Great Dane and still likes to jump and play, not realizing how big she really is. Laurie was willing to take us on as clients and to take care of Dakota on a weekly basis.

Due to our work schedules, we needed Laurie to let Dakota out during the middle of the day for a potty break. Laurie's passion of being with animals is apparent. She always wants to create a joyful and meaningful experience for our pet (i.e., make sure Dakota is happy, gets enough play time, gets exercise, gets enough water, gets enough attention, and gets a treat!). 

Laurie writes very nice emails about the day she sees Dakota, which is something I look forward to reading! Through the emails, Laurie offered suggestions of how she could make the experience even better for Dakota (i.e., going for walks along with potty breaks, then venturing to the dog park, then car rides, etc.).  Laurie has also offered helpful suggestions regarding the Gentle Lead collar, which has been a miracle on walks! 

We greatly appreciate Laurie and her gentle and passionate heart towards Dakota and what she does. She has been very flexible and accommodating when our schedules have changed last minute and she has offered to come extra days, as needed.  

We are fortunate to have found Laurie and to have her as our dog walker! Thank you Laurie!
~ Jen H.



Reference #17:
Laurie has been an excellent cat sitter for me since I moved to the Twin Cities a year ago. My cat Kiki isover 15 years old, completely deaf, very shy, and requires daily arthritis medicine – very much a specials needs pet. Laurie immediately bonded with her – for once, Kiki didn’t run and hide! 

Now when I’m out of town I know I can count on Laurie to give Kiki her food and medicine, brush and pet her, and send me daily emails about her visits. 

During the last visit when Kiki became sick Laurie took the time to cover my couch and bed as a precaution and called me to make sure I knew how Kik was doing. She also picks up my mail, closes the windows when it rains, and turns on the lights at night. 

I really appreciate the extra effort she makes and I know Kiki’s in good hands with her!
~ Lissa S. 



Reference #16:
Laurie has just been wonderful with Bailey. Bailey can be timid with people, but she just loves when Laurie comes for her walk/dog park visit. 

Laurie is genuinely concerned for the well-being of Bailey. Bailey is definitely energetic and can get into squabbles at the dog park once in awhile and Laurie works with her on this, closely monitoring as she plays or bringing her to the separate side if too much and needs a break.

Also, when Bailey broke her toe (yep, she broke a toe!), she took Bailey on short walks to at least get her out the house. 

She definitely will give your dog that time it needs to break up the day and get some exercise. And it is awesome to get a note after to see how they were. 

I highly recommend Laurie for dog-walking and/or sitting.
~ Cara L.



Reference #15:
Laurie has been great with our dog Sasha. She comes to walk Sasha twice per week when we are at work. Sasha can be timid with strangers but she warmed up to Laurie immediately!

Laurie is very trustworthy and dependable, and I have been very pleased with the quality of care she provides for our dog. She takes the time to update me after every walk so I can hear about Sasha's activities, which is great!

Laurie is very patient, thoughtful and always is thinking of new ways to entertain Sasha.

It is such a relief to know that our dog is well taken care of when we are at work. I would recommend Laurie to anyone seeking animal care - she is a true animal lover and our dog certainly loves her!
~ Kathryn and Erik R.



Reference #14:
I highly recommended Laurie as a dog walker. She visits my home two days a week to walk my boxer Lola and visit with my cat. Both pets love her!

Laurie is very reliable and it is clear that she is passionate about pets. She also takes the time to follow up with an email afterwards to highlight things that happened during her visit/walk.

I am beyond pleased with Laurie and her services that she offers. Laurie comes HIGHLY recommended.
Sondra G



Bailey and Rocky

Reference #13:
Sure you can use us as a reference and feel free to pass on that we are very happy with your services and how great you are to walk and care for Rocky and Bailey. 

We will be happy to talk to anyone if they want more info about how much we value you when we can't get home to take care of them ourselves.
Jackie & Jim A. 



Miko & Rocky

Reference #12:
Laurie is very good with animals. She has a sweet voice and is very gentle - animals warm up to her right away.
She stayed with our dogs for 2 weeks and treated them as if they were her own. 

She is very trustworthy. I would highly recommend her.
~ Penelope A. 



Bert, Sophie, Tucker, and Daisy + June & Bruno

Reference #11:
Laurie has been my pet-sitter since February [2012] and we all love her! 

She plays with my dogs and gives them “couch time”; both my cats come to her and one is very skittish.
I never worry when Laurie is with my “kids” because she treats them like her own. 

I’m so happy I found her and I recommend her to everyone!
If the fur-faces could talk I’m sure they would agree with me….

Laurie is the best!!!
~ Tammy W. 



Sissy and Zoe

Reference #10:
I have found Laurie to be both a conscientious and capable cat-sitter. She not only takes care my girls' physical needs, but also pets and plays with them, taking care of their psychological needs as well.
I am happy to recommend her service.
~ Chip C. 


Nutty and "B"

Reference #9:
I found Laurie online when I was looking for a solution for pet sitting for my 2 cats while I was on vacation. She came to my house to meet me and my cats. I immediately liked her and felt comfortable choosing her to watch them in my absence. It was apparent she loves animals and I had no reservations about leaving my babies in her care. 
She was great! I will definitely be calling on her again and recommending her to my friends and family. Her prices are reasonable and she is responsible and easy to work with. 
Thanks Laurie for taking good care of Nutty and "B"!
~ Beth E. 



Reference #8:
Laurie has been an outstanding dog sitter for Lula.  She is very good with dogs, even my husky and stubborn Bulldog, Lula.  Ever since Laurie started working with Lula 3 times a week, I've noticed a much calmer and happier demeanor in my girl - she's so relaxed and tired out when I get home from work, it's amazing. 
Laurie is extremely reliable, honest and trustworthy and genuinely cares about the well being and health of my 4-legged "baby".  She has come up with creative ways to keep her entertained, and varies the walks frequently, which helps my dog overcome anxieties, get used to new surroundings and cures her boredom. 
I would recommend Laurie to everyone I know - even if you have the time to walk your dog every day - the way she interacts and cares for your dog makes a world of difference in their lives!
~ Laura O.


Baxter and Kian

Reference #7:
While my husband and I were on vacation for two weeks, Laurie stopped in on our two cats to feed and water them, change their litters, and give them some play time. I hadn’t used her before and was a little nervous having a stranger look in on my cats (and house) while we were gone.
However, during our initial meeting before the trip, my mind was put to ease. She was very professional and immediately connected with my two cats, one of which is very shy.
During our trip I touched base with her to make sure everything was going okay. She sent me an e-mail to let me know how they were doing, and even uploaded some photos of them to her website - which I loved!
Laurie is reliable and her love for animals couldn’t be more obvious. The next time we need a sitter, she will definitely be the first person we call!
~ Liz E. 



Summer and BIG

Reference #6:
As the owners of two housebound cats [BIG and Summer] with complex eating habits, it has always been a challenge to find someone who we trust to take care of them. We have known Laurie for a long time and when we read she was starting a pet care service, we called her. To make things more interesting, it was over the Christmas holiday.

Laurie came over, met the cats (they took to her immediately), took copious notes, had to learn our alarm system, requested several phone numbers for emergencies and worked within our schedule.

While we were away, we received email updates and were happy to hear that she was taking extra time to groom and play with them.

We have hired her since, and will in the future, for any extended trips. She is a gentle soul who loves and truly cares for our "kids". We (and our cats) are so lucky to have her as a friend and a dependable caregiver.

~ Brooke K.



Reference #5:
Laurie has exceeded our expectations as a dog walker. She has been walking Myles, our Beaglier, for almost 6 months and is not only professional, but also a real animal lover. After each visit, Laurie emails us a detailed description of the walk and did so from day one. This was a pleasant surprise as we did not ask or expect an update, but it is always great to hear what our child, I mean dog, did for the day. :)
Furthermore, Laurie has been extremely flexible and understanding of our crazy schedules. I work full-time and my wife works and is a full-time student so it is great to have a dog walker that can accommodate our ever-changing schedules. Without a doubt, I would recommend Laurie as a dog walker!
~ Mike L.


Bear & Maggie

Reference #4:
It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Laurie. She has been coming twice weekly to walk my high-energy dogs (Schipperkes) for a few months now and we couldn't be more pleased!
I was very impressed on our first meeting how she took time to get to know them and I knew it would be a good fit because they took to her right away. She listened to my concerns and she also asked all the pertinent questions of me which was great since this is my first experience with this. That showed me that she was experienced and aware of any scenarios that may come up. She takes the dogs on different routes and they come back nice and tired. She writes notes about what they did and about different things that happen on the walks. She is trustworthy and very reliable.
I feel she truly cares about Bear and Maggie and is genuinely concerned about their well-being. We would highly recommend her as a walker or sitter. I have not had the need to have Laurie watch them while I am away but I would not hesitate to trust her to do so if that ever comes up. We couldn't be more pleased with her!
~ Lori R. 



Reference #3:
I hired Laurie in early January 2012 to help exercise my mom's golden retriever four days a week. At 85 lbs., he is presently Laurie's biggest dog, but she handles "Bruno" easily and with much TLC. She is very affectionate with him but he still knows who is the boss. Mom appreciates Laurie's thoughtfulness when she thoroughly cleans his paws after their outings in the park. 

We also value Laurie's gift for organization. She's great at answering phone calls and emails promptly and is very flexible with Mom's changes in schedule. Trustworthy, kind, and reasonably priced... she's a winner!
~ Cathy R. 



Reference #2:
My husband and I are the owners of a seven month old Bernese Mountain Dog named Madeleine. We work regular schedules Monday through Friday and needed some help taking Madeleine on short walks and bathroom breaks in the middle of the day during the week.
Laurie has been working with us several months [started fall of 2011] and the experience has been a very good one on our end. She is completely reliable, always coming on the days she has been scheduled. She is extremely conscientious, leaving notes to update us on Madeleine's progress and offering to help in our training efforts with the puppy. She is genuinely interested in Madeleine's well-being and diligent in her work with her.
I have absolutely no reservations about referring Laurie to other clients. In this day and age, it is difficult to trust people we don't know with the care of our children, our dogs and our homes. I have been so pleased to work with Laurie and I feel very comfortable with her spending time with our puppy in our home.
It is so relieving to me to have her come here on the days when my husband and I are away long hours for work and I sincerely appreciate her extra notes to update me on things that happen throughout the week. She is an incredibly positive person and appears to have a passion for pets!
I am happy to provide any additional information you would like regarding this reference.
~ Michelle G. 


Daisy and her owner, Mary

Reference #1:
*I could tell when I met Laurie that she really loves animals. My Daisy loved her
right away.
*I trusted Laurie and she did not disappoint.
*Laurie went beyond what she needed to do with Daisy. My dog has arthritis and when Daisy was having a bad day, Laurie would give her a massage.
*Laurie's communication with me about my dog was great.
*I had checked into other dog care services and Laurie's rates are less than most and she spends more time with my dog than most do.
*If she is able to and has the time, Laurie will even spend extra time with Daisy and take her to the lake. All I really wanted/needed was someone to take my dog out for a potty break and I got so much more.
~ Mary M. [and Daisy gives her 5 out of 5 paws up] 
NOTE:  Mary was my first client who took a chance with me being so new in the pet care business, and I will be FOREVER grateful to her! I walked her “Daisy” 5 days a week for the entire month of August 2011, when a good friend of Mary’s who had been on vacation took over as originally planned when Mary hired me. 


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