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Law Of Attraction Tips To Attract More Money
by Trevor Johnson

People who work very hard and are seeking wealth, may find that they think more about work to create than they think about wealth or abundance itself. You may also find that you are not attracting wealth, just more work. Stop and think, law of attraction tips say you attract what you focus on.

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So, the more work you focus on, the more work you will attract and this does not necessarily make life easier. Much like a mirror reflects your image the law of attraction reflects back what you focus upon. Focus more on wealth and abundance rather than work, and more abundance will come your way.

The ego focused mind of we humans finds this a difficult concept to grasp, how can you be grateful and thankful for something you don't appear to have? The answer to this mystery is simple - faith. Be the master of your thoughts and have faith that it all exists, and whatever you want will be yours. The universe is already infinitely abundant, believe it, it's true! It is not so difficult to take this leap of faith, as the Nike people say, "just do it"!

Appreciate the richness of life and be thankful for everything you have, the more you believe that you have everything you already need, the easier it will come to you. Abundance is always present, so always feel and believe that you live an abundant life and be thankful for it as if it exists, and you will attract abundance. While if you continue to believe you need more work to be abundant, this is what you will receive, more work!

Every passing moment of life is rich with possibility. Appreciate this; let go of any struggle you may be experiencing and truly watch your life change for the better. Grow, change and continually expand your thoughts, you were placed on this earth to create, this is your spiritual nature. Just look at anything in nature itself - the universe wants us to be abundant and helps us to achieve this.

The more abundant you believe every aspect of your life is, the more money you will attract.

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