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Life Patterns in Your Way
by Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Each of us lives from particular patterns in life. We sleep in the same spot on the bed, eat the same meals weekly, drink from the same cup, go to sleep and get up at approximately the same time. These patterns go on and on.

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We also live with patterns that produce the confusion in our lives. Although some of the situations are different, the patterns and stress are very similar. For instance, a person with money problems lives a life pattern of money problems.

People need to change their patterns if they want something different to happen in their life. Our outcomes are based upon the results of our patterns.

It may seem that life, finances, relationships, and health are completely out of your control, the reality is, your patterns will predetermine what you can expect.

The individual needs to change the money pattern if they want to improve their finances. This change will be from producing financial strain to producing financial abundance.

If an individual would like to improve their health, this person needs to change the health pattern from producing dis-ease to producing vibrancy and health.

If someone has the desire to improve or start a relationship, this person needs to change the love pattern from producing self centered love to producing harmony with another.

What patterns are you producing in life? Are these patterns in line with what you want or are they producing more of what you don't want? As I mentioned, most people want one thing but they are living their lives with contradicting patterns to their desire.

You will want to identify what you want and then change your patterns to align with your desire.

You will be amazed at how quickly things begin to manifest when you make the corrections to your life patterns.

If you don't change the way you're doing things, you'll only produce more of what you already got up to this point in life. That is the "secret" that any successful person will gladly share with you.

We know that change is not comfortable. Many people live in a pattern of misery instead of making the necessary changes to create the life of their dreams.

When we want to change something, it takes self discipline. To say, "I am no longer living my life or handling my personal matters that way" is self discipline. This is what many people are seeking, but avoid implementing. They avoid the implementation process of change by only reading books, attending seminars, and make good intentions.

Here's a good exercise to sink this point deep into your Mental Coding. Answer the following:

1. Are you willing to "pay the price" and make these life pattern changes?
2. What changes would be required of you to make this happen?
3. What do you want in life right now?
4. When will you make these changes? Be realistic and honest with yourself here. Make this statement only if you are willing to back it up once-and-for-all.

Stefan Rudolph (the famous German actor) said it perfectly, "Once failure lead to change...change will then lead toward success."

When you begin to change, refuse to look at your changes as losing anything. A person who goes on a diet to lose weight has a much more difficult struggle than a person who changes their patterns to gain better health. Instead, concentrate on what you are gaining.

Now you're one step closer to upgrading your life to the next level.

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