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The Missing Link in The Law of Attraction

After studying The Law of Attraction for many years, I was still struggling with prosperity issues until I found a simple technique called The One Command® by Asara Lovejoy and, with it, found a great way to finally overcome my subconscious negativity and blocks to my success! 

Asara invented a simple six-step process which involves using The Tibetan Eyeroll to achieve an instant Theta brainwave state.

The Tibetan Eyeroll is the action of looking up under your closed eyes as though trying to see up through the top of your head. This is the physical action that lowers your brain waves from beta (ordinary waking consciousness) to theta / delta and into direct contact with your subconscious mind without any resistance -- the very place where the beliefs you want to change reside!

However, the surrounding steps are also very important to the process!

Below are two articles by Asara Lovejoy to introduce The One Command plus a video demonstrating the techique.

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"The One Command - The Missing Link"

by Asara Lovejoy

Have you ever felt that there is something major missing in your affirmations? Are they working for you? Well, what if there was a missing link?

Two friends of mine and spent a number of years from 2004 to 2006 complaining about their frustration with the outcome of their affirmations. In 2004, their lunches at the Olive Garden were comprised of complaints about how The Law of Attraction only seems to work for a lucky few. They complained that, even though they had been students of these Laws for over 30 years, nothing seemed to be working now, and perhaps they simply were not 'deserving' enough.

By 2005, they had moved on to, well...they may be deserving enough after all, but they probably just weren't doing it right. They read more books, tried different approaches, made more vision boards, watched more movies...over and over again...and they even went back to the basics, reading all the original materials on the Law of Attraction and other meaningful Laws. And still, they were left with empty frustration.

By 2006, they were still filling up on minestrone soup at the Olive Garden and meeting even more often. They were also certain by that time that they were missing something in the process, that there was definitely a 'missing link'. They were still frustrated, but also hopeful as well.

At the beginning of 2007 they were offered the gift of a lifetime. Through another dear friend, they found out about making commands instead of affirmations. It is the command that puts the juice in Intent, it is the command that brings forth from our very neurological being, the intensity and clarity of change in our thinking, one's feeling and our very DNA. As we change our own lives and re-create our own reality, we change the world.

There is a show called Heroes, and it demonstrates the old axiom about power corrupting, how would the world be if there was a power that was not only benign, but also functioned only from the very highest level of consciousness? Well, here it is, the missing link!

It is like your birthday every day, it is like peace in our time, every day. It is like joy on earth every day! To find the missing link look at what is happening in your life and decide what you want to keep and what you want to let go of. Then, instead of chasing after what you want with affirmations, know that you can clarify what you want, make a command that it is so, and watch for evidence of your success. It is simple, straightforward, and easy. Know that what you want, wants you.

The One Command System -- Ebook Plus MP3

"A New Life Through Theta"

Creating life changes by going to theta has been substantiated by a number of amazing scientists, healers, researchers, and other individuals, including people like Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Gregg Braden. These changes happen with no intervention other than their connection to Source, while in the deep brain wave of theta.

We know that belief systems are real, and they can be changed. We have all heard the statement, change your thinking and change your life. We have seen people make amazing changes through skills like hypnosis, vision boards, and goal setting. But now, we are able to make changes in seconds.

To go from beta (the everyday thinking brain wave) into the theta brain wave, (known as the healing state), you simply need to follow 6 basic steps. When in theta, you speak directly to your Source mind and make a simple command for healing, or prosperity, or better relationships, with instantaneous results.

The individual becomes the "observer" who witnesses these amazing changes. The changes in Theta are real at all levels of our awareness, in the body, in the neuronet patterns of our thinking, and in the DNA itself.

Anyone can learn to go into the theta brain wave and change limiting beliefs held on the core, genetic, history, and soul level; and to then command new energizing and life transforming beliefs that arrive to replace them.

There are many great gifts in theta, while in that brain wave state, all information is available to you to download. The information is transmitted directly from that greater consciousness to you. The command technique that you use in theta is so powerful that you can have years of knowledge and experience given to you in moments.

If you think that you want to find the power and ability to heal yourself and to solve any and every problem in your life, then you want to learn how to reach theta by using focused commands.

"The One Command" Demonstration Video

The One Command System - Ebook + MP3

"The One Command"

There Is A Power Within You So Great…

Ebook + Mp3. The One Command

- The Teaching Is Simple!
- The Results Are Amazing!
- The Benefits Infinite!

Based On The Work Of Asara Lovejoy.

The rich information in The One Command shows you how to Command Your Wealth, Health, Happiness, and all your good To You!

The most amazing part of The One Command is that it not only works for increasing your financial good, it works the same way for health, relationships, success… anything you want!

Learn about the missing link, and learn The One Command on my website at 
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