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Manifesting With A Soft Heart
by Lori Hamann

Sometimes I sit at my computer, and feel a bit stumped. What to write about?! This is a good lesson is listening to your intuition. You must allow it to flow. You must allow yourself to be inspired. As a conscious creator you can tap into what to write about, just like you tap into the energy of creating your reality. Today...I'm going to be talking about a "soft heart".

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Softening "resistance" is key when you are trying to get out of your own way, and create your best life. Resistance may also be defined as negative emotion, thought, or a belief that is not in alignment with who you are. Resistance occurs within, and our emotions - which are energy - actually can block the flow of abundance.

But even more so -- the idea of having a soft heart, toward yourself and others is a way of living that commands a vibrational shift without too much effort, and without resisting resistance. Catch me? No getting out of your own way, no trying to "raise
your vibe".

This is truth as I know it. As I teach this to my clients and groups I can feel the vibrational shifting...sometimes in an instant. It's all about alignment, and if you are seeking a quick shift...choosing a soft heart is magical.

Remember this however... it's a choice to have a soft heart. In any moment you have the option to choose it. It holds profound uplifting that can't be matched by merely picking apart your belief system, and thinking about individual thought you are thinking. It's a way of being. Choice.

If you are looking to find the sweet spot of manifestation... this is it. This is the space from which all things are created...allow yourself to drop into this space.

It's easy... just imagine for a moment, and say the words "soft heart". Notice what's going on within you. Now, imagine you are directing that energy toward something in your life you would like to drop your resistance to.

Make the choice today to come from a soft heart. Do something for yourself, or allow yourself to be seen in the light of the soft heart -- by you. This is very nurturing, and the closest vibration to Source that I can access right now. Stay conscious...line up with Truth, your Inner Being, and God. Magnificent creation happens here!

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