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The Laws Of Attraction And Your New Life
by Heather Berry

Mid-life crisis or not, everyone has something he wants to fix about himself. It may be a physical trait or a mental characteristic. Since change is hard and most people shy away from hard work, these people will instead wallow in self-pity and never take the steps to re-create themselves. If only these people had heard about the laws of attraction. If they had, then they would find it very easy to accept themselves as they are or make the changes they had always wanted to make. The laws of attraction are a simple way to re-create yourself in your own ideal image and then teach others to view you in that way as well.

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The process of self re-creation may seem very daunting. After all, you can't see your inner self, so how can you know if you are making the right sort of changes? To re-create yourself you need to spend a lot of mental energy first learning about yourself and redefining what you know.

Your self-perception is created through all the experiences you have gathered in your lifetime. Unfortunately, for most of us, these experiences have taught us that we are not qualified enough or smart enough or lucky enough to achieve our goals. In some cases, a single bad experience as far back as our school days can color our self-perception for the rest of our lives.

This aura influences others' perception of you and they will then act accordingly. In general, if someone perceives you be smart and successful they will give you the tools and opportunities to capitalize on your strengths, thereby multiplying them. But don't wait for someone else to notice your worth, you need to create your own worth from the bottom up.

Go through an inventory of your physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics and try to describe each and every one of them in a positive light. Don't gloss over anything and don't forget anything either. Even a single negative self-perception lingering on your psyche can ruin the effects of the laws of attraction. Take all the time you need, days, weeks, months, or even years to convince yourself that you are a great person who deserves wonderful things.

When you have crafted your self-perception in an entirely positive light, it is now time to put the law of attraction to work for you. Approach every new situation with a positive attitude. By now you should know that you are a talented and likeable human being. Project that positive energy outward. If you are confident about your abilities then the people around you will also come to trust you.

Also, take all of your self-esteem and try to share it with others. When you work to make the people around you feel good, these people will then want to spend more time with you. Though every teen movie has taught us otherwise, being popular for the right reasons is both affirming and a possible path to success.

You need to be attractive to friends, co-workers, bosses, and even strangers. Attract them with the strength of your personality and self-confidence. These people are then more likely to give you promotions and other opportunities for bettering yourself. The best thing about the laws of attraction are their infectious quality. The more you use them, the more good things will happen to you, and the better you'll feel about yourself, which will in turn leads you to want to use it even more. As soon as you can create a truly positive self-image, you will be able to use the laws of attraction to climb the ladder of success.

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